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Copy Me


A game for one player, tests memory of continuously extending sequence. The player has to remember an increasingly long pattern of illuminated lights Hardware There are two sets of hardware. 1. The player hardware consists of four combined buttons and lamps. These are controlled by a Raspberry Pi running a Python Script. 2.The score is […]

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Tell the Truth


.  About the Game Tell the Truth! is a game that runs on a Raspberry Pi or other hardware. It simulates logic gates by randomly lighting up a grid of lamps in a specific pattern that represents the Truth Table of a particular gate e.g. AND, OR etc. The player has a short amount of […]

Image of Traffic Lights

Pedestrian Crossing


Introduction This project builds on the traffic light project by adding code and hardware to simulate a UK pedestrian crossing. Connect to the gPiO Box The traffic lights project uses gPiO outputs 1,2 & 3 for the red, amber and green lights. We extend this to use all six gPiO outputs with red man, green […]



About the Game Steady! is an old fashioned game of steady nerves. You move a wand from one end of a wire to the other without touching the wire. You can build this project in lots of different ways. If you don’t have a lot of time then use a ready built toy and modify […]