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Tell the Truth


.  About the Game Tell the Truth! is a game that runs on a Raspberry Pi or other hardware. It simulates logic gates by randomly lighting up a grid of lamps in a specific pattern that represents the Truth Table of a particular gate e.g. AND, OR etc. The player has a short amount of […]

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Pedestrian Crossing


Introduction This project builds on the traffic light project by adding code and hardware to simulate a UK pedestrian crossing. Connect to the gPiO Box The traffic lights project uses gPiO outputs 1,2 & 3 for the red, amber and green lights. We extend this to use all six gPiO outputs with red man, green […]



About the Game Steady! is an old fashioned game of steady nerves. You move a wand from one end of a wire to the other without touching the wire. You can build this project in lots of different ways. If you don’t have a lot of time then use a ready built toy and modify […]