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Here are some project ideas for children to try out on a Raspberry Pi connected to a gPiO interface and programmed in Scratch or Python. We’ve divided the projects into ‘Beginner’, and more advanced The beginner projects include full build, wiring and code instructions and are designed to help you get to grips with how […]

Traffic lights


Welcome to the starter project for the gPiO box, as this is the first project we’ve included lots of detail. There are a number of expanding text boxes like the one below providing you with additional information such as curriculum links,  videos that take you through building the model step by step and  code examples for […]



Challenge To program an automated fairground ride. A popular DT (design technology) project in schools is for children to build a fairground ride that includes some electrical components such as lights, buzzers, and a motor (with a 200:1 gear box attached). For this task you are going to program a fairground roundabout to bring it […]

Image of model lighthouse



Challenge To control an automatic lighthouse. For safety reasons every lighthouse has a signal that is distinctive and individual e.g. the lighthouse at Flamborough Head in Yorkshire flashes four times, waits 15 seconds and then flashes again. This signal is called the lighthouse character and you can see them all listed on the Trinity House […]