By Trevor Olsson, 01/04/2010

Steady! Project at RPi 4th Birthday event

You can build this project in lots of different ways. If you don’t have a lot of time then buy a ready built toy and then modify it. The Connex Maze Challenge kit – you can buy it from Maplin for about ten pounds – is an old fashioned game of steady nerves. You have to move a wand from one end of a wire to the other without touching. As supplied it’s a simple series circuit – what we do is break into that circuit add some additional circuit elements and control it with Scratch.

When the game is wired up there will be two inputs and two outputs:

  • Input 1 – senses the long wire – the one you shouldn’t touch
  • Input 2 – senses the short wire – the ‘winning’ wire’
  • Output 1 – the buzzer
  • Output 2 – the winning bell

We introduce a variable called ‘Count’ in the code – and use it to give three chances to win.

As you can see from the image on the right we use this in our workshops, etc. It’s a great ice breaker for open days.


The code for this project can be found in the Code Library