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This section of the site contains a variety of resources designed to support teachers who are being asked to deliver the new computing curriculum.


The Document Library contains resources that we feel may be useful in delivering the new curriculum. These include Tech Notes: short documents that help you to use the gPiO box more effectively. We’ve also added links to external resources where we feel these would be useful.

The Code Library contains code samples to support the projects, the code is provided in a variety of languages and for various hardware platforms, such as the Raspberry Pi and the micro:bit.

Finally, we’ve added a Pinterest board board for ‘Hard to Find’ components.

We hope these resources are useful, if we’ve missed anything please let us know.

Document Library

TypeFile NameDate ModifiedSize

Mains Control Using Energenie 19/11/2016 2:24 pm1M

Project Connection Sheet 19/11/2016 2:24 pm155.8k

Using GPIO Server with a Configuration Template 19/11/2016 2:24 pm324.5k

Using Monitors with the Raspberry Pi 19/11/2016 2:24 pm515.8k

Using Motors with the GPiO Box 19/11/2016 2:24 pm821.6k

Using Batteries to Power the GPiO Box 19/11/2016 2:24 pm232.8k

GPiO Quick Start 19/11/2016 2:24 pm1.2M

GPiO Box Product Information Sheetv2 19/11/2016 2:24 pm460.8k

GPiO Technical Specification 19/11/2016 2:24 pm77.9k

Links to 3rd Party Resources

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Code Library

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The Code Library is a collection of code samples, used to support the projects on this site. In additional to code and script examples it contains media files, such as pedestrian crossing beeps and other useful files.

Hard To Find Components

This is our ‘Where can I find…’ board, if you’ve found something useful that’s not shown here please let us know and we’ll add it to the list.
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